Mental Health Rehab

Mental Health Rehab

Mental Health Rehab


Target group:

  • All employees working in any industry (Manufacturing, Construction, Oil & Gas, Plantations).

  • Mental health has become a very essential service nowadays. These services are not widely available in Malaysia. Our rehab services include the following modalities

  • Medications – including psychosis, depressions, drug replacement therapy such as methadone and bupropion as well as nicotine replacement therapies
  • Counselling – our counsellors are trained to manage mental health afflictions and identify stressors that cause such disorders.

  • Thus, we can provide such management at our centres

  • Drug rehabilitations
  • Alcohol rehabilitations
  • Quit Smoking Programme
  • Gaming Addiction Rehabilitations
  • Porn Addiction Management
  • Food Addiction Management
  • Psychosis and Mood disorders

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