Medical Surveillance

Medical Surveillance

Medical Surveillance


Medical Surveillance is a procedure done by an Occupational Health Doctor to monitor the Biological Effect Monitoring (BEM) and Biological Exposure Index (BEI). It’s a mandated procedure by Use and Standard of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health (USECCH) Regulations 2000. But the term can be also be used for monitoring effect for workers exposed to the other hazards as well other than chemical such as

  • a. Noise
  • b. Biologicals i.e. Dengue outbreaks, Tuberculosis outbreaks, Influenza outbreaks and infectious diseases outbreaks in a workplace.
  • c. Ergonomics
  • d. Mental health i.e. stress at workplace, workplace violence, depressions and psychosis

  • Medical surveillance would require workers to go thru multiple and different investigations according to the hazards exposed to. The following are some of the services available by MUC Academy.

  • Questionnaires – DASS, Addiction Scoring Systems
  • Imaging services – X-ray, Ultrasonography, Electrocardiograms
  • Lab investigations – Full Blood Profile, Liver Profile, Renal Profile,
    BEI for specific chemicals, serological test for infectious diseases
  • Lung Function Tests – Spirometry, PEFRs
  • Diagnostic Audiograms

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