Halal Pre-Audit Consulting

Halal Pre-Audit Consulting

Halal Pre-Audit Consulting


Custom sessions

Get prepared for an audit by JAKIM using our Pre-Audit Service. We will ensure that all your documents and products are in compliance with the rules and regulations of JAKIM. It is our responsibility in ascertaining the halal status of your products involved not only on the official site inspection of plants but also on the examination on how the Halal status of your raw material is maintained and monitored at all times.

The coaching sessions mainly follow:

1. Halal Training for staff and management
2. Pre-audit session that aims to provide guidance and monitoring of current developments the status of halal application and guide for key-in process of data in the MyEhalal system.
3. Follow-up audit to ensure the record system is prepared and updated as per required by JAKIM and provide guidance for audit preparation from JAKIM and in resolving the issue on incompetence during the JAKIM audit process.


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