ISO Training

ISO Training

Good Manufacturing Practices Training (GMP)


8 hours

Target group:

Food and beverage industry supervisor, manager, head of department, line leader, owner and All food handlers working close to food and beverage

Target industries:

Food and beverage industries, hotels, resort, restaurants, food court, cafeteria, hypermarket, bakery shop, school canteen, hostel canteen, institution canteen, company canteen, office, office canteen, nursery, day-care centre, catering, food outlets, food vendors, beverage vendors, night market, morning market, food stall, hospital canteen, medical centre canteen, National services canteen and any industry related to food and beverage.


Certificate of participant from MUC Academy

Course objective:

To ensure products are manufactured to meet a certain quality and safety requirement




2 or 3 Sessions

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system to ensure the products meet food safety, quality and legal requirements. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) can be a part of GMP.

Their intention is to prioritize and controls potential hazards in food production and also to ensure the products are as safe as good science and technology allows.

Our consultants will review your current practice and also provide an Understanding GMP & HACCP Training. We will help your organization to plan and implement all necessary activities for effective implementation of GMP & HACCP. An Internal GMP & HACCP Auditor Training will be provided as well as review supports.

Why we need to do so?

HACCP is a effective systematic which help in control of food safety, from ingredients towards production, storage and distribution and from manufacturing towards final consumers. HACCP also help the organization to enhance their reputation as it help in increase and maintain the goods quality. HACCP help the organizations to:

  • Saves more business cost in the long run.
  • Avoids customer’s complaints.
  • Food safety standards will be increase.
  • Ensures the organization is complying with the law.

  • Our Consultancy Process

    Stage 1 - Gap Analysis
    Review the existing client current practice against GMP & HACCP Requirements.

    Stage 2 - Design and Development
    Provide Understanding GMP & HACCP Training
    Pre-requisite Program in accordance with MS 1514 “General Principal of Food Hygiene” and other related Code of practice and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

    Stage 3 - Implementation Planning
    To plan the implementation and prepare all necessary activities for effective implementation of GMP & HACCP

    Stage 4 - Review Support

  • Provide Internal GMP & HACCP Auditor Training
  • GMP & HACCP Review Support
  • Pre-compliance Audit and Audit Report.

  • Stage 5 - Close Out
    Assure the client obtain the GMP & HACCP certificate and reply to Certification Body audit report.

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